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The convergence of Tigre Blanc® and Philippe Conticini

It is due to its drive for excellence and innovation that

Tigre Blanc® partnered with global gastronomy icon, Philippe Conticini, in 2018. More than a mere collaboration, the meeting between Mareva Essia, president of the

Tigre Blanc Paris® group, and Conticini has given rise to a true partnership.


Inspired by their common desire to push the boundaries of taste and smoothness, together they decided to apply the traditional Charentais process, until then reserved for cognac, to a vodka for the first time.


Combining their knowledge and desire to offer a smooth, gourmet vodka, Tigre Blanc® and Conticini formed a bridge between creativity and daring, tradition and modernity, and created an exceptional new vodka: Tigre Blanc

Alambic Edition®.

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The transformative nature of the copper still

Blending tradition and innovation to create a new vodka

By selecting Charente-Maritime as the birthplace of its vodka, Tigre Blanc® makes use of artisanal knowledge from a region famous worldwide for its brandies and cognacs. The first to use a Charentais double-distillation process to enhance pure vodka,

Tigre Blanc® succeeds in combining innovation and centuries-old tradition in a unique new vodka.


The secret of Tigre Blanc Alambic Edition® lies in its carefully selected ingredients and its distillation process carried out in two steps. The wheat that goes into Tigre Blanc
Alambic Edition® is harvested in Champagne-Ardenne, then combined with Charentais water and distilled five times in a column. This classic process is followed by double distillation in a traditional copper Charentais still for over twelve hours, under the expert eyes of master distillers. It is this double Charentais distillation, called  "à repasse”, that gives Tigre Blanc Alambic Edition® its smooth, round character essential for pure tasting and the perfect pairing of vodka and fine foods.

More than the traditional and yet novel distillation process, it is the copper still that guides the creation of Tigre Blanc Alambic Edition®.


The name of the new vodka, deconstructed, scrolls around the cream-colored label. The brilliant copper color immediately brings to mind the traditional copper Charentais still, as well as the finest pots and pans that are inseparable from the culinary arts. The bottle, which combines copper and glass with a satin finish, bears a uniquely shaped label that blends simple complexity and proof of purity.


With this new edition, Tigre Blanc® once again offers a bottle that sets it apart, while continuing to combine technical prowess, originality and refinement.

Like the best pastries, Tigre Blanc Alambic Edition® is a gourmet vodka to be savored. Its rich, refined nose gives way to a perfectly controlled sweetness, with notes of praline that harmonize with vanilla.


The traditional Charentais double distillation gives Tigre Blanc Alambic Edition® a creamy attack with sweet notes of almond milk and a round, smoothness that slowly develops into fragrant aromas of honey.


Warm and lingering, the finish fluctuates between delicate notes of vanilla and spices. Retronasal olfaction evokes cocoa, which deepens and rounds off the vodka’s palette of flavors.


Tigre Blanc Alambic Edition®: the vodka you drink straight, and an exceptional vodka that enhances pastry pairings.

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